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A list of subscribers from 1849


Tamworth Castle Bowling Club is steeped in history.  When you bowl on our lawn you will be following the footsteps of fellow bowlers as far back as 1821.  The buildings are listed and m
embership included the Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel.  Booklets are available showing the history of the club, but a few highlights include:

1814:     Lord George Townsend, owner of Tamworth Castle sold the 
             Castle and its grounds.

1821:     The green is laid out by Mr John Robins, the then owner of 
             Tamworth Castle.

1829:     Permission is granted by the Court Bailiffs to build a wall 
             enclosing the bowling green.

1845:     Club minutes show the season ended with 3/- in hand.  The green boy was paid 1-10-0 as well as
             being supplied with a pair of boots.  Other bills included oysters 19/-, waiter 3/- and gardener for
             destroying worms 7/-.

1852:     The late Prime Ministers son, Robert Peel Jnr is sent a memo
             reminding him that his subscriptions are now overdue.

1860:     Subscriptions are noted at costing 12/6d per year.

1901:     Good Friday, April 5th, opening day of the season, play 
             stopped as the Inspector of Police came on to the green and 
             summoned the 14 members for buying intoxicating liquors 
             during the prohibited hours of Good Friday.

1930:     The bowling club formed a Ladies section, taking over the bowling green on Tuesdays and 
             Thursday afternoons with gentlemen members not being
             allowed to watch.

1950:     The Castle Bowls Club lost the use of the ground and gardens
             that ran down to the river.

1977:     The green, gardens and the clubhouse is purchased by its 
             members for 4000.

1980:     A professional greenkeeper was employed by the club and 
             improvements made to the green.

Images above show, from top to bottom, Ladies Day 1922, club members 1905 and Ladies Day 1983.

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